szenaris GmbH from Bremen, Germany, has been a member of the GHP since July 2016. szenaris develops training solutions for all kinds of devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Among other things, its portfolio comprises:

Learning programmes help to impart contents sustainably. Offers range from multimedia learning materials and learning programmes through to comprehensive learning management systems.

Mobile learning allows users to work through short learning units on mobile devices in between other tasks. It facilitates learning independently of time and location and to capture and integrate environmental information. Touchscreens allow for intuitive operation and open up new, creative ways to use touch gestures. Furthermore, learning actions can be recorded and sent online to a tutor in order to receive feedback and corrections.

Simulations support the development of comprehensive personal competencies by creating virtual environments in which the learner can train by using original control devices. All relevant parameters, such as exact proportions or the physical behaviour of vehicles, can be depicted here.

Virtual Reality applications are coming more and more into focus, thanks to rapidly improving head-mounted displays (HMD) such as the HTC Vive. Such devices enable a high level of immersion and interaction: virtual tours and explorations, operating highly complex machinery or integrating specific scenarios are only a fraction of what is already possible and thinkable in the future.

As an experienced team, we have long-standing competencies in education, training and simulation, and maintain projects from the most diverse industries such as mechanical engineering, logistics, medical technology, security technology, transport, defence, safety and wind power. In our office, information scientists, engineers, designers, graphic artists, educationalists and psychologists work hand in hand to achieve optimal results.