Invited by Frank Heinrich, Member of German Parliament, on 13 June 2017, GHP Chairman Roland Göhde was requested in his additional functions as Senior Managing Director of German diagnostics company Sysmex Partec GmbH and Member of the Board of Afrika-Verein to participate as panellist in a joint discussion with German Federal Minister Dr Gerd Müller in frame of the “Business meets Africa” event at IHK Chemnitz. The conference was attended by participants from various sectors, as well as several ambassadors of African countries.

The primary focus of discussion was (a) on the experiences of the German private sector in the neighbouring continent of Africa, elaborating on exemplary success cases and success models of companies, and (b) on possible strategies to realise further dedicated support when it comes to close African-German collaborations and partnerships. In addition, the topics of securing early project stages in economic cooperation and development, and the support of feasibility studies were discussed.