On 12th of January, the official launch of a German chapter of the international movement “Women in Global Health” has taken place in Berlin. The list of 100 German Women in Global Health and the network was introduced with the support of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the Ministry of Health, the World Health Summit, and the GHP. The objectives are to increase the visibility of the women in the network and their contributions to global health, to extend the network and identify further women for the list, to keep the network flexible, to meet regularly and to enhance mutual support.

Work priorities are the active participation in the revision of the global health strategy of the German government, the identification of important global health issues, the development of criteria for gender equal representation on panels and conferences, and to establish a mentoring programme. More than seventy women attended the event.

Women in Global Health – Germany is now the first national “pilot chapter” of the international movement!

List of 100 German Women in Global Health

Event Summary Women in Global Health Chapter: Germany