Unter the title “More Systemic Procurement”, a new module of GHP’s self-study e-learning course “Managing Health Facilities in Low-Resource Settings” has now been launched.

This online course discusses the procurement of medical equipment, with a focus on projects funded by the German Financial Cooperation through KfW. In a first step, the procurement of medical equipment in general is being reviewed. In a second step, the advantages of including entire technical systems into the tender and taking into account life cycle cost of the equipment for decision making is discussed in detail. The course will familiarize the students with the following aspects of a more systemic procurement:

  • System considerations;
  • The advantages of considering life cycle costs;
  • Overcoming institutional and administrative barriers for taking into account life cycle cost considerations in existing procedures;
  • How to prepare, tender, evaluate procurement contracts from a systemic perspective;
  • The contracting arrangements for a systemic approach to procurement.

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