GHP Financing Guide

Funding Sources for Healthcare Systems and Infrastructure

Professional Advice for Funding a Project

The Financing Guide is intended to provide a summary overview on funding opportunities for healthcare systems and projects. Structuring the optimal financing package for a project requires more detailed information and professional advice.

First source of more information are the banks and institutions described in the Financing Guide. Most often, they will be happy to make their healthcare sector and country experts available to review business plans / feasibility studies and financial projections. Within the partner country, the German Embassy and the German Chamber of Trade and Commerce will be able to provide essential information.

For projects, which look to financial markets for funding, there are more sources for financial advice than can be listed here. In Germany, the leading commercial / international banks offer financial advice and assist their clients in structuring the “right” funding package for major projects abroad. Experience tells, however, that it might be a bit of a challenge to find this advice for projects which do not reach a certain size.

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