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The German Healthcare Partnership (GHP) invited together with the German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein) to the Round Table Health Burkina Faso on Friday, 06th July 2018 in Hamburg .

H.E. Prof. Nicolas Méda, the Health Minister and a delegation from Burkina Faso visited Germany. Mr. Roland Göhde, Chairman of the Board of the GHP and Board Member of the Afrika-Verein welcomed H.E. and all guests.

Burkina Faso explained together with other African countries in 2011 to meet the 15% target for health spending. The healthcare system and the national health plan, the so called “Plan National de Développement Sanitaire (PNDS) 2011-2020” were recently reformed. A presentation about this national health plan was discussed.

Additionally it was mentioned the overall framework of improving the health supply and care. The Round Table allowed to get informed about investment opportunities in the field of health in Burkina Faso, about  constructions of health infrastructure, waste management, and other areas of interest. Furthermore plans about pharmaceutical unit constructions were presented and interested stakeholders called to accompany Burkina Faso in the implantation of those.