19 February 2019

Within the scope of the working group on health economy, the GHP and the German Eastern Business Association (OAOEV) welcomed an Uzbek delegation with representatives from the Uzbek ministry of health, the state-run company O’zmedimpeks, institutional investors, institutions for medical education, physicians from leading speciality hospitals as well as GIZ Tashkent at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Hamburg on 19 February.

During the meeting of the working group, which consisted of 70 participants, the new concept for technical equipment in the medical sector of Uzbekistan (from 2019 until 2029) was introduced. Other topics were the expansion of modern emergency medicine, the maintenance of equipment, on-site training for specialists as well as the awarding of public tenders. Representatives of German companies also attended the meeting and spoke about their experiences with exporting high-quality „Made in Germany“ technologies to Uzbekistan. In the following days, the Uzbek delegation visited well-known German medical technology companies.

For a more detailed summary of the event (in German), please click here.