17 October 2018

The GHP and the German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein der Deutschen Wirtschaft) jointly organized the 5th German-African Healthcare Symposium in  cooperation with the World Health Summit (WHS). The symposium took place shortly after the summit on the 17th of October.

The symposium was attended by African ministers and other high-ranking representatives of the Health Ministries of Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, and Sudan as well as German healthcare experts and entrepreneurs.  Over the course of the symposium, different topics were discussed: systemic strategies, infrastructure development, and health insurance models – all of which are relevant for strengthening healthcare systems. Interesting insights on Match Making Potential, Local Employment and Expertise, and Local Production – Local Content and Health 4.0 – The Healthier Future were also addressed. During the symposium, the significant role of data-driven solutions (such as eHealth and telemedicine) in building stronger healthcare systems was highlighted. Fruitful discussions followed these interesting presentations.

You can find some of the presentatations and pictures here.

The symposium was an official satellite event of the World Health Summit and will be held again next year. Please save the date for the 6th German-African Healthcare Symposium  on Wednesday, 30th of October  2019 in Berlin.