The East African Vaccine Symposium, hosted by the GHP and the African-German Business Association (Afrika-Verein) with support of Merck, GFA Consulting, Bosch, and FEAPM brought investors and public health officials together to explore the opportunities for regional vaccine production.

Human vaccines are amongst the most important medical tools currently available to treat or even prevent a number of infectious diseases that significantly hamper a countries’ economic and social development. To mitigate the damages caused by infectious diseases effective and regional accessible vaccines are essential. The German healthcare industries can play a crucial role in facilitating vaccine manufacturing by providing expertise from a range of sectors such as life sciences, processing, and medical technologies to make vaccine manufacturing in East Africa possible.

This symposium therefore aimed at highlighting possible and beneficial cooperation between countries, sectors, and organisations that is essential for ambitious projects such as regional vaccine manufacturing. Stakeholders from the public and the private sector thereby seek to combine their strengths in order to overcome the current challenges for East African health sectors such as lack of investment and infrastructure gaps.