For the 11th time around 300 renowned German and Arab health experts from business, politics, and science have discussed current trends and projects in Arab countries and Germany in the frame of the ‘Arab-German Health Forum’. The GHP and this year’s partner country the United Arab Emirates support the forum and actively engaged in the panel discussions.

Innovative medical services and cutting-edge healthcare provision are an increasingly important key element for the growing economies of the Arab states. Together with the rising demand for preventative care and digital medical solutions, the healthcare market in the Arab states is expected to grow at a very high level. Increased investor interests, as well as the growing populations in the region will also play a role in expanding the current GCC market to more than USD 71 billion. Experts predict that the UAE’s healthcare market alone is set to surge to more than USD 28 billion by 2021 – representing a growth of 60 percent over the next five years. In order to cope with this fast development, all Arab countries have ambitious plans to reform and device their health sectors.

Due to its highly innovative health industry, Germany is well known as a major hub for medical technology, medical treatment, and pharmaceuticals.  Yet despite its unparalleled level of collaboration between science, research, industry, and medicine, Germany faces pressing issues in healthcare in the coming decade.

For the purpose of evaluating and discussing significant developments such as the role of ‘Medical Technology and Digitalization’ for the healthcare industry and the wider healthcare systems, international health experts discussed in six sessions current trends and projects in Arab countries and Germany. In further debates, the panels addressed developments of medical tourism and the public accessibility to medical and technological innovations.