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Since July 3, 2019 the German Healthcare Partnership (GHP) operates as GHA – German Health Alliance. GHA has been established in order to uniting the member organizations, activities and competencies of the German Healthcare Export Group (GHE), the German-Sino Healthcare Group (GSHCG) and the GHP. In its multi-sectoral set-up, the GHA consists of about 100 leading German actors virtually from all sectors, covering a broad range of health expertise.

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Your Access Point to German Health Expertise

The German Healthcare Partnership (GHP) was jointly established by the German government and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) in 2010. In July 2019, the initiative has been renamed to GHA – German Health Alliance. The work of the GHA aims to close the gap between the international demand for healthcare system know-how and the excellent solutions German actors have to offer. We support building partnerships to strengthen health systems.

The GHA consists of more than 50 leading German actors from private and non-governmental sector, foundation, and academia covering a broad range of health expertise. In its role as facilitator, the GHA connects stakeholder from governmental, private sector, science and research, non-profit organisations (NGOs) and its members.

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Expertise | Competencies | Synergies

The GHA combines the competencies and resources of the private sector with those of development cooperation, covering all areas of the value chain in healthcare.

The GHA members offer:

  • International cooperation in the healthcare sector
  • Planning– and consulting services
  • Healthcare architects, engineers and constructors Financing solutions
  • Turnkey providers
  • General equipment of hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Medical equipment and solution providers
  • Laboratory equipment, analysis and diagnostics
  • Pharmaceuticals, medication and vaccines
  • E-Health
  • Technical services and preventative maintenance
  • Training and professional development
  • Supply chain management, packaging and transport
  • Health insurance providers
  • Science and Research

Your Partner in Global Health Policy

Global Health is moving up on the agenda for organisations and governments around the world. The state of health infrastructure in one country can profoundly affect health security worldwide.

The GHA is well-positioned in the field of global health and health system strengthening focussing on a multi-sector approach. This is regarded as a currently unique, proactive push of the private healthcare sector towards significant improvements in communication, cooperation and coordination in multisectoral groups and single stakeholder groups of international organisations, governmental bodies, stakeholders from the private sector and NGOs.

The increased understanding and openness between sectors towards closer collaboration and innovative partnerships applies directly to one of the GHA’s focus areas. The establishment and clear definition of the role of the private sector in the area of health crises and humanitarian crises, highlighting the utmost importance of public-private collaboration. GHA’s efforts have yielded tangible success on the national and international level following the lessons learned from the Ebola Crisis.

Your Partner in Global Health Practice

GHA is highly engaged and involved in the following Global Health initiatives: